Natasha Herbert

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AWAY Role: Coral. Dir: Matthew Lutton. STC/Malthouse Theatre
Role: Natasha. Dir: Declan Greene, Griffin Theatre Co.
Role: Jenney. Dir: Ngaire Dawn Fair. Red Stitch
Role: Irina. Dir: Luke Kerridge. Darebin Arts Speakeasy
Role: Eva. Dir: Ariette Taylor. FortyFive Downstairs
Role: Various. Dir: Clare Watson. Theatreworks
NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH – role: Christina/ Dr Walker. Company B at MTC.
role: Rose Narracott.   Global Creatures.  Dir: Drew Carr. Australian Tour.
ON THE MISCONCEPTION OF OEDIPUS – Role Jocasta.  Malthouse Theatre /Dir: Matthew Lutton
HAPPINESS  – Performer.  Malthouse Theatre / Dir: Kate Sulan
THE DREAM LIFE OF BUTTERFLIES – role: Vanessa. Melbourne Theatre Co. /Dir: Heather Bolton
MADELEINE – role; Charley.  Black Sequins Productions  / Dir: Jenny Kemp
PROGRESS & MELANCHOLY - Fortyfivedownstairs / Dir: Bagryana Popov
SMALL METAL OBJECTS – role: Carolyn.  Back to Back Theatre Inc. / Dir: Bruce Gladwin
GOD OF CARNAGE – role: Annette Reille.  Melbourne Theatre Co. / Dir: Peter Evans
SUFFICIENTLY BREATHLESS? (Workshop)  - Performer.  althouse Theatre  / Dir: Anna Tregloan
THE WALL – Performer.  Ranters Theatre (Tour) North Melb Town Hall, Chapter Arts Centre (Cardiff, Wales) / Dir: Adriano Cortese
THE BERRY MAN  (Workshop/Reading). Malthouse Theatre / Dir: Susie Dee
PILLOWMAN – role: Mother.  Melbourne Theatre Co.  / Dir: Simon Phillips
HARDLINES 2006 – PORTRAITS OF MODERN EVIL – role: Joy.  Melbourne Theatre Co.  /
ANPC  2006 – Performer
KITTEN – role: Kitten 2.  Playbox Malthouse / Dir: Jenny Kemp
SPEAKING IN TONGUES – role: Sarah/Sonja.  Playbox Malthouse / Dir: Greg Stone
MUM’S THE WORLD – role: Jill.  Picture This! Productions
THE COUNTRY THEATRE – Co-lead.  B Sharp / Belvoir St / Dir: Janice Muller
RAPTURE – role: Eve.  Playbox Malthouse  / Dir: Jenny Kemp
MYTH PROPAGANDA & DISASTER IN NAZI GERMANY – role: Performer. Playbox Malthouse / Dir: Aubrey Mellor
STILL ANGELA – role: Angela 2 / Nurse.  Playbox Malthouse / Dir: Jenny Kemp
A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM – role: Helena.  Glenn Elston Productions
PORTRAIT OF DORA – role: Mrs Kay.  La Mama  / Dir: Lawrence Strangio
THE TAMING OF THE SHREW – role: Katherina.  Glenn Elston Productions
SKYLIGHT – role: Kyra Hothouse Theatre  / Dir: Jenny Kemp
THE BALCONY – role: Irma Melbourne Theatre Co. / Dir: Bruce Myles
THE LARGE BREAST OR THE UPSDIE DOWN BELL – role: Woman.  Griffin Theatre Company
THE THREE SISTERS – role: Olga. Melbourne Theatre Co. / Dir: Roger Hodgman
HAMLET – role: Ophelia.  Theatre up North, QLD / Dir: Sarah Ducker
INCONSOLABLE – role: Kat.  Griffin Theatre Company / Dir: Sarah Ducker
THE BLACK SEQUIIN DRESS – role: Woman 3 Playbox / Adelaide Festival / Dir: Jenny Kemp
SPEAKING IN TONGUES – role: Sarah / Sonja Playbox Malthouse
HONOUR – role: Claudia.  Playbox Malthouse / Dir: Ariette Taylor
HYSTERIA – role:  Jessica.  Melbourne Theatre Co. / Dir: Simon Phillips
SHORTS PROGRAMMES 1 & 2 – Melbourne Theatre Co.
The Flying Doctor Dir: Peter Donahue
- This Property Is Condemned Dir: Victoria Eagger
- Like Whiskey on the Breath of the Drunk You Love Dir: Chris Corbett
- Family Running For My Whippy Dir: Jenny Kemp
- Out At Sea Dir: Chris Corbett
DESIRE LINES – role: Maria.  Melbourne Festival / Dir: Bruce Myles
I’M NOT RAPPAPORT – role: Laurie.  Melbourne Theatre Co. / Dir: Roger Hodgman
LOVE CHILD – role: Billie Playbox Malthouse / Dir: Ariette Taylor
THE MISANTHROPE – role: Célimène.  Napier Street Theatre  / Dir: Greg Saunders
I HATE HAMLET – role:  Eidre.  Melbourne Theatre Co.
MATILDA – role: Miss Honey / New England / Dir: Nici Wood
WOLF – role:  Zoe / Miranda / Celia.  Playbox Malthouse  / Dir: Kim Durban
IN ANGEL GEAR – role: Vesna.  Universal  / Dir: Nico Lathouris


NEIGHBOURS Role: Sharon Canning. Fremantle Media
TIME OF OUR LIVES (series 2) Role: Alyssa. ABC/ Time Productions
THE DOCTOR BLAKE MURDER MYSTERIES (series 2) role: Nola. January Productions/ ABC
CITY HOMICIDE (Series 3, Ep 40)  – role: Colleen Shipley.  Seven Network (Ops.) Ltd.  / Dir: Nicholas Bufalo
WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THAT GUY? (Series 1 Ep 6) – role: Natasha (Photographer) Ruby Ent. /Dir: Ted Emery
BLUE HEELERS (Series 13, Ep 3) – role: Sheila Carmody.  Southern Star Prod No.7 P/L / Dir: George Ogilvie
MDA (series 3, Eps 1-4) – role: Jenny McRoberts.  Screentime P/L / Dir: Ken Cameron & Roger Hodgman
STINGERS (Series 7, Ep 6) Stingers Roma Drummond BSLM Prods P/L / Dir: Colin Budds
BACKBERNER – role: Penelope Hastings.  Crackerjack Productions
WHITE COLLAR BLUE – role: Simone Harris.  Knapman Wyld Television P/L
ALL SAINTS (Series 5, Ep 34) – role: Kate Randel.  Seven Network /  Dir: Peter Fisk
BLUE HEELERS (series 9, Ep 25)– role: Kate Wilson.  Southern Star Entertainment / Dir: Steve Mann
BLUE HEELERS (Series 6, Ep. 34)  - role: Gemma Wandsley.  Southern Star Entertainment / Dir: Richard Sarell
QUEEN KATE, CARMEL & ST JUDE (series 1, Ep 3) – role: Louise Armstrong.  ABC Drama / Dir: Moira Moss
STATE CORONER (Series 1, ep 7) – role: Angie Warren.  Crawford Productions / Dir: Ian Watson
BLUE HEELERS (series 4, Ep 3) – role: Katrina Hagen Southern Star Entertainment / Dir: Kevin Carlin
THE DAMNATION OF HARVEY McHUGH – role: Mary Rayner.  ABC Drama  / Dir: Robert Klenner
BLUE HEELERS (Pilot: Series 1, Ep 1) – role: Robina.  Southern Star Entertainment / Dir: Mark Callen
NEWLYWEDS (Series 1, Ep 2) – role: Trish (Photographer) Crawford Productions / Dir: Mike Smith


THE MENKOFF METHOD Role: Anne. Dir: David Parker. Menkoff SPV Pty Ltd
 - role: Mother.  Circe Films Pty Ltd  / Dir: Jon Hewitt
11  - role: Mum.  Remarkable Films / Dir: Simon Baré
LAKE MUNGO – role: Cathy Withers.  Mungo Productions  / Dir: Joel Anderson
CORROBOREE – role: Lena.  Valarc Films  / Dir: Ben Hackworth
BOYTOWN – role: Sandra Molloy Boy Productions  / Dir: Kevin Carlin
THE FOREST – role: Dell. Forest Films P/L / Dir: Jo Kennedy
SUGAR ON THE PHONE (Short) – role: Sugar. Victorian College of the Arts / Dir: Ben Hackworth
WELL SUITED (Short) – role: Woman. Victorian College of the Arts  / Dir: Kate Russel
SEETHING NIGHT (Short) role: Libby.  Victorian College of the Arts  / Dir: Douglas Brook


RAPTURE – ABC – Radio Drama
LOVE CHILD - ABC – Radio National
EMILY BRONTE - ABC – Radio National
FINAL FLINGS - ABC – Radio National


2017 Green Room Awards ** Nominated, Best Performer for ANTI-HAMLET
2016 Sydney Theatre Awards ** Nominated Best Actress for THE UNSPOKEN WORD IS JOE
2016 Green Room Awards ** Nominated Best Ensemble for DREAM HOME
2015 Green Room Awards ** Winner Best Ensemble for I HEART JOHN MCENROE
2013 Green Room Awards ** Winner, Best Ensemble (THEATRE) for MISCONCEPTION OF OEDIPUS
2013 Green Room Awards ** Nominated Best Female Performer (Theatre) for MISCONCEPTION OF OEDIPUS
2009 Green Room Awards ** Nominated Best Female Performer (Independent Theatre) for PROGRESS & MELANCHOLY
2009 Green Room Awards ** Nominated Best Female Performer for GOD OF CARNAGE
2001 Green Room Awards ** Winner Fringe Best Actress for PORTRAIT OF DORA
1996 AFI Awards ** Nominated Best Guest Actress in TV Drama for STATE CORONER
1995 Green Room Awards ** Nominated Best Actress for HONOUR
1993 Green Room Awards ** Nominated Best Actress for LOVE CHILD

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