2020 Green Room Awards – Nominees

William McKenna – Performance,  Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (Sonia Friedman Productions, Colin Callender and Harry Potter Theatrical Productions)

The Sisters Hayes – Set & Costume Design, Golden Shield (Melbourne Theatre Company)

Alana Valentine – Music Composition and Sound Design, Barbara and the Camp Dogs (Belvoir); Writing/Adaptation for the Australian Stage, Barbara and the Camp Dogs (Belvoir)

Natalie Abbott – Lead Role, Muriel’s Wedding (Global Creatures with Sydney Theatre Company)

Greg Larsen – This Might Not Be Hell

Show Dates

This Might Not Be Hell is a one-man play about life on the dole. Set in 2004 and based on true events, this semi-autobiographical story covers the boredom, depression, financial struggles and the near-constant diarrhoea of living day to day as an unemployed person during the Howard years.

Based in the town of Pauline Hanson’s fish and chip shop, This Might Not Be Hell is an honest look at what it’s like to be dirt poor in Australia and how the welfare system wears you down until you just wish you were dead. It’ll be a laugh riot!!!

A Rational Fear

Show Dates

It’s fast. It’s funny. It’s like Q+A on crack.

Join Dan Ilic (Tonightly), Lewis Hobba (triple j) and DJ Dylabolical (News Fighters) as they wrangle special guests to tackle the biggest issues in our world.***

The media makes us scared of all the wrong things, we will tell you what you should really be scared of.****

* Sorry, it’s not like we went to Hawaii.
** You can self-nominate, and entry is cheap.
*** We haven’t booked anyone yet, but they’ll be big names, I swear.
**** Chemtrails.

Tom Walker is Tim Walter

Show Dates

Directed by Phil Spencer.

Tom Walker is Australia’s only comedian, but now Tom is taking a break and doing his fifth festival show as a new character, Tim Walter (also very funny).

Hope you enjoy it.

I dunno man. It’ll be good.

2019 Walkley Awards – Winner

Jan Fran – Commentary, Analysis, Opinion & Critique (The Feed, SBSVICELAND and associated social media channels, “The Frant”)

2019 Helpmann Awards – Winner

Alana Valentine – Best Touring Production (Bennelong, Bangarra Dance Theatre); Best Original Score and Best Musical (Barbara and the Camp Dogs, Belvoir in association with Vicki Gordon Music Productions)


2019 Toronto WebFest – Winner

Bridie Connell – Best Lead Performance (Gut Feeling)


2019 TV Week Logie Awards – Winner

Luke McGregor – Most Popular Actor (Rosehaven, ABC)

2019 ADG Awards – Winner

Colin Cairnes – Best Direction in a TV or SVOD Comedy Program, True Story with Hamish & Andy (Episode “Lisa”)

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