Declan Fay

Declan Fay

Declan got his start in the entertainment industry at the age of one, when he played a fat baby on Prisoner, but discovered it was a tough industry when he was later replaced by a slightly cuter, fatter baby.

Since then, he has worked as a Writer, Producer and Director for over ten years, having written for Rove, Dirty Laundry Live, Problems, and You’re Skitting Me along with many other shows. In 2015, he was series producer and head writer on the award-winning comedy Fancy Boy, and co-creator and co-writer on the ABC’s Ronny Chieng: International Student.

Declan has also directed a number of successful stage shows, including Felicity Ward’s The Hedgehog Dilemma, David Quirk’s Thrasher and Dave Thornton’s Different Kind of Normal, which all sold out the Melbourne Comedy Festival and later toured to Edinburgh.

On Radio, Declan has hosted shows on 3RRR, Triple J, and Triple M, and was a previously a co-host of 3RRR’s Breakfasters. He has been a regular co-host on ABC’s evening program with Lindy Burns and hosted the very popular podcast, The Sweetest Plum.

As for web content, he has worked for Cricket Australia producing and performing videos, that were screened on CATV (the cricket Australia Website), social media and around the grounds, terrifying the MCG crowd when footage of him trying to sneak into the MCC wearing a gimp suit was played on the scoreboard. He also presented Hawks TV with Lehmo for two years, on the Hawthorn Football Club website.

Declan wrote the critically acclaimed narrative podcast Crossbread, featuring Megan Washington, Chris Ryan, John Waters,  Kate McLennan  and Aaron Chen.



Declan Fay



2019                            GIRL INTERPRETED, WEB SERIES – SCREEN AUSTRALIA

Script Editor


2019                            UP THE GUTS, FOX FOOTY



2018                            KOALA MAN, ABC

Script Editor, Mentor


2017                            THE YEARLY, ABC



2017                            COREY WHITE’S ROADMAP TO PARADISE, ABC



2017                            THE GREAT DEBATE – MELBOURNE COMEDY FESTIVAL

Head Writer


2016                            FANCY BOY, ABC

Series Producer


2016                            RONNY CHIENG: INTERNATIONAL STUDENT, ABC

Co-Creator, Co-Writer


2013 – 2015                DIRTY LAUNDRY, ABC

Senior Writer


2014                            FELICITY’S MENTAL MISSION, ABC



2014                            HIPSTERS, SBS



2013                            STAND-UPS SIT DOWN, COMEDY CHANNEL



2013                            YOU’RE SKITTING ME, ABC3



2012                            PROBLEMS, ABC TV

Head Writer


2007 – 2009                ROVE, CHANNEL TEN

Senior Writer


2009                            LOGIES , CHANNEL NINE


2008                            THE MANSION , COMEDY CHANNEL


2007                            ARIAS, CHANNEL TEN




2019                            ISABELLA VALETTE – HOW FAR I’LL GO

Melbourne Comedy Festival


2018                            LOLSquad

Melbourne Comedy Festival Sketch Comedy Web Series


2018                            HAYLEY TANTAU IS CINDY SALMON

Melbourne Comedy Festival


2015                            DAVID QUIRK – THRASHER

Melbourne Comedy Festival – Nominated, Golden Gibbo


2014                            RONNY CHIENG – CHIENG REACTION

Melbourne Comedy Festival – Winner, Director’s Choice

Sydney Comedy Festival – Winner, Best Show


2014                            JUSTIN HAMILTON – JOHNNY LOVES MARY 1994

MICF, Adelaide Fringe, Edinburgh Fringe


2013                            DAVE QUIRK – SHAKING HANDS WITH DANGER

Melbourne Comedy Festival – Winner, Piece of Wood

Sydney Comedy Festival – Nominated, Best Show


2012                            FELICITY WARD – THE HEDGEHOG DILEMMA

Melbourne Comedy Festival – Nominated, Barry Award Nomination, Adelaide Fringe – Nominated, Best Comedy

Edinburgh Fringe – Sold Out


2012                            DAVE THORNTON – THE SUM OF ALL PARTS

Melbourne Comedy Festival – Sold Out


2010                            DAVE THORNTON – A DIFFERENT KIND OF NORMAL

Melbourne Comedy Festival – Sold Out

Edinburgh Fringe Festival – 5 Stars




2020                            CROSSBREAD Podcast



2016-2018                   ABC 774 – EVENINGS

Regular Co-host


2015                            BREAKFASTERS, 3RRR



2014                            BREAKFASTERS, 3RRR

Bumper Edition – Weekly Media Segment


2010 – 2020                SWEETEST PLUM PODCAST

Top Rating Podcast, iTunes


2012                            HAWKSCAST

Weekly Podcast for Hawthorn Football Club


2010 – 2011                THE SWEETEST PLUM, MMM

Sydney Drive Show


2002 –  2009                THE PINCH, 3RRR

3RRR’s Weekly Comedy Show


2005 – 2006                 LIFE CLUB, TRIPLE J

Weekly Comedy Show


2000 –  2002                UNEXPLAINED PHENOMENA  3RRR


2000                            SEEDS OF DOUBT, SYN FM





2010 – 2020                 FREELANCE WRITER

The Guardian, The Age, Herald-Sun, Football Almanac


2007 – 2014                THE BIG ISSUE

Regular Contributor


2007 – 2008                ART OF THE CITY COLUMN – BEAT MAGAZINE


2004                            STITCH THIS!

Anthology of New Australian Writers


2003 – 2005                THE CHASER


2002 – 2006                COMICS IN THE DOGHOUSE – BEAT MAGAZINE




2017                            COREY WHITE’S ROADMAP TO PARADISE

Hardware Shop Owner


2016                            FANCY BOY, ABC

Sketch Performer


2016                            RONNY CHIENG: INTERNATIONAL STUDENT

Security Guard


2015                            MOLLY, CHANNEL 7



2013 – 2015                 DIRTY LAUNDRY, ABC

Sketch Performer


2013                            HAWK TALK, HAWKS TV

Co-Host with Lehmo, Hawthorn Football Club Website


2012                            PROBLEMS, ABC

Sketch Performer


2007 – 2009                ROVE, CHANNEL TEN

Sketch Performer


2009                            THURSDAY NIGHT LIVE, ONE HD

Weekly Sports Segment


2009                            DEC AND CHAMBO, CATV

MCG Scoreboard/Cricket Australia Website


2008                            THE MANSION , COMEDY CHANNEL

Sketch Performer


2006 – 2007                THE BREAKFAST SHOW, CHANNEL 31



2005 – 2006                ROVE LIVE, CHANNEL TEN

Sketch Performer


2002                            DIRTY DEEDS, YOU AM I, MUSIC VIDEO



1980                            PRISONER, CHANNEL TEN

Fat Baby




2005                            THE PINCH – MORNING GORY, MELB COMEDY FESTIVAL


The Age Picks of the Festival


2004                            THE PINCH – MORNING GORY, MELB FRINGE FESTIVAL


“Serious talent, doing it right” – THE AGE


2004                            THE PINCH – 1994, MELBOURNE COMEDY FESTIVAL

“People were killing themselves laughing” – BEAT


2003                            MOTIVATE!, MELBOURNE FRINGE FESTIVAL

Sold out solo show based on work as a motivational speaker

“Confident, Witty and Engaging” THE AGE


2003                            THE PINCH – RADIODEAD, MELBOURNE COMEDY FESTIVAL

Runner-up: Best Newcomer, Nominated: Age Critic’s Award

“A Fine Example of Risk Taking Comedy”, THE AGE


2001                            CATCH 22, MELB FRINGE FESTIVAL


2000                            THE THIN RED LINO, MELB UNI LAW REVUE


1999                            REWBERRY HIGH, MELB FRINGE FESTIVAL





2004-2020                   BOOKED OUT – SPEAKER

Australia’s leading speaking agent for Writers and Artists

School Presentations – Comedy performances, comedy workshops, writing workshops, motivational speeches, Podcast workshops, Radio Workshops.


2002 – 2004                DREAM AND ACHIEVE – HIT PRODUCTIONS

National Speaking Program. Presented over 300 talks to Schools across Australia and NZ, to 150,000 students


2002 -2020                  FREELANCE SPEAKER/PRESENTER

Melbourne Fringe Festival Launch, Fringe Festival Forums, Melbourne Career Expo, Youth Week, Book Week, The Push


2003-2008                   FAME TRIVIA – HOST

Australia’s Leading Trivia Company


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