Kath Ebbs

Kath Ebbs

Kath Ebbs is a queer actor, presenter, writer and content creator. With over 75,000 followers on Instagram, their work focuses on visibility and advocacy with storytelling at its heart.

Arguably one of the original Instagram influencers, Kath grew their online following through meme culture as part of one of the first content collectives and has continued to foster that community whilst harnessing the power of new-age advertising. They have partnered with brands such as Nike, Bonds, The Iconic and SBS to name a few, having most recently starred in Nike’s global campaign for the Women’s World Cup. Kath is also the co-creator and star of their own TikTok web series titled Self Care, which follows the fictional character of Grace on their journey of self-discovery after dealing with a sudden breakup.

In 2022 Kath graced our TV screens as Asher on Neighbours, the first non-binary character ever to appear on an Aussie soap. When speaking to Variety, they said: “If just one child that is struggling with their gender identity sees Asher on screen and feels as though their feelings are valid and okay and accepted – and not only accepted but celebrated – or a parent seeing Asher becomes more accepting of their child or kids at school, that would be a huge achievement and success point for me.”

In addition to being a regular panellist on ABC’s The Drum, they are also the producer and host of their own online talk show titled Conversations with Kath, where they sit down to have hard, soft and sometimes silly conversations with diverse guests on a variety of topics. This has expanded into a podcast allowing Kath to bring some of their life experiences to the table.

They continue to push for change in these spaces both on and offline by fusing their creativity with their love for what it means to be human.

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