Shaun Wilson

Shaun Wilson

Shaun is a TV & commercial director. His awards include Best Director at both Melbourne Webfest 2014 and Webfest Montreal 2015, along with numerous awards for projects themselves. He is a partner in production company Sky Machine, and creates commercial content through his company Pananda. He has multiple TV series and features in development with a small menagerie of writers. Shaun sits on the board of Wide Angle Tasmania and is a founding member of the Tasmanian Filmmakers Alliance. Shaun directed an episode of the 1st series of Rosehaven and 4 episodes of series 3 as well as the entire second series of The Ex PM for ABC.

Recent Filmography

Rosehaven (2017)
Series 2
ABC/Guesswork TV/What Horse?

The Ex PM (2017)
Series 2, Episodes 1-6
ABC/Cordell Jigsaw Productions

Rosehaven (2016)
Series 1, Episode 7
27 min
ABC/Guesswork TV/What Horse?

The Calling Hours (2016)
Horror/drama short film
6 min
Sky Machine

The Kettering Incident (2016)
Director’s Attachment (Rowan Woods)
Foxtel/Sweet Potato Films/Porchlight Films

Noirhouse Series 2 (2014)
Film-noir comedy series
6 x 5 min
ABC/Sky Machine

 Noirhouse Series 1 (2013)
Film-noir comedy series
3 x 5 min
Sky Machine




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